Hemroid Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Symptoms
Hemorrhoids Symptoms: You might feel a lot of pain while a bowel movement, even though, it is not constipation. The reason could be nothing more than hemorrhoids. The condition is caused due to swollen veins in your anus. A more appropriate word would be the anal canal. It is a very common problem and could occur to any normal human being, for no particular reason. Check these hemorrhoid relief products and get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

It is very important to know that what usually causes the hemorrhoids, before finding out the symptoms. This condition is caused due to extra pressure on the veins in the rectal area. There are tissues located in your anal canal that are used to circulate blood during bowel movements. Any added pressure on these veins gets them to swell up and become stretchy. These veins then become very sensitive and on application of further pressure cause a lot of burning sensations. Some veins are so swelled up that they burst, and that is why one could see that blood in their stool. This is one of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are many different symptoms of hemorrhoids. There are two different kinds of hemorrhoids and they both have different kinds of symptoms. The first kind of hemorrhoid that a person suffers from is that internal hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid is usually the one related to those veins and tissues in your anal canal. That is why the most common symptom for the internal hemorrhoid is the bleeding during bowel movements or simply rectal bleeding. One might find bright-red blood in your stool during a bowel movement.

Other symptoms of internal hemorrhoid would include skin irritation and pain in the rectal area. Since there is a chance that they affected veins might seep mucus. This mucus when makes contact with the skin causes irritation. The mucus might also create skin infection, which causes in prolonged irritation or burning. Often, a bulge appears near the large intestine’s end. This bulge gives you pain and discomfort and one feel to passing stool again, even though they have just gone through a bowel movement. This bulge also causes pain in the internal area of your anal canal.

The other kind of hemorrhoid is the external hemorrhoids. This is the one that usually causes a lot of discomfort while sitting and sometimes even walking. As the name suggests, these hemorrhoids cause some sort of clotting in the veins right outside the anal canal. These clotting are also called thromboses. The thromboses could be felt by hands. These clotting are the external bulges that are quite tender to touch, and it hurts a lot during a bowel movement. One can also see streaks of bright-red blood on the toilet paper after passing the stool. The reason for the bleeding is that some veins or blood vessels break
during passing the stools.

Although, there are two different kinds of hemorrhoids, both are quite painful. The hemorrhoids are naturally occurring, but people who don’t care for their hygiene are pretty much prone to it. Furthermore, if any of such a symptom is seen during bowel movements, it is a better approach to contact a doctor right away.

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